I broked my patella!

Tanuki likes to jump and play and run like a mad dog when he’s really excited.  Unfortunately, somehow, someway, he broke his patella (kneecap) and had to have surgery.


Keeshonden – After the surgery

So this is Tanuki after the surgery.  He’s doped up and surprisingly, he lost his family jewels.  Special note on that one, ALWAYS read contracts and two, don’t trust “discount” Vets 😛

For the first day or two, he was in extreme pain.  What made it worse is that he kept rubbing that hard plastic cone against his leg.


Keeshonden New Hat

My husband bought him a new cone made of fabric which Tanuki took an extreme liking to.  I mean seriously, he LIKES the cone.  If it accidentally comes off, he waits patiently until we put it back on.  It kind of matches him too!  I’m wondering if we should just let him wear it all the time?  hmm…